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Our aim at Pensacola High School is to provide an environment that not only nurtures the intellectual and career development of the student, but also fosters self-confidence, pride, hope, strength of character, and a love of learning.

2013-2014 Goals and Expectations

Standard Diploma Requirements

International Baccalaureate Program

Title 1 Information

Pensacola H.S. Media Center

8am-12pm Monday-Thursday
June 4-26

Courtesy of the PHS PTSA

FCAT Root of the Week:

"ego" : let go
1) Egotist - someone who is self-centered
2) Egoism - seeing something only from your perspective
3) Egotism - boastfulness or conceit
4) Egomania - abnormal self love
5) Alter Ego - one's second self or a substitute

 Quote of the Week:

"Fire is the test of gold, adversity of strong men."
- Seneca

Environment - surroundings, conditions, influences
Individual - a being, single member, set apart from the group (adj)
Major - a military rank, a course of study, great in importance (adj), a type of musical scale
Period - a portion of time, recurring at intervals, a group of elements, end stop of punctuation
Proceed - to move forward, to take legal action, to continue one's speech or conversation

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